Unspillable Baby Bowl


Unspillable Baby Bowl


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Are you tired of having your kids spilling their food? The Universal Spill-Proof Rotating Bowl has interlocking parts that rotate as the bowl moves, so your food will never fall out. It’s perfect for traveling, eating on-the-go for your children.


gyro bowl for kids
✔ Most Innovative Gyroscopic Anti Spill Kids Bowl – We designed this bowl with you and your kids in mind. It has anti-spill design, in which the inner bowl with gyroscopic motion can rotate 360 degrees to keep dry food inside and avoid food spilling. Plus, we added three handles for easy carrying and lid to cover the food when not in use.

gyro bowl for kids

✔ Super Attractive Bowl with Planet Saturn Design – Not only it’s perfect for keeping your children’s mess to a minimum, but it also looks like a cool Planet Saturn. Kids will definitely love it! It’s common for children to be a picky eater, and this bowl will at least attract them to eat. The vibrant color is so eye-catching.

gyro bowl for kids

✔ Premium PP Material For Durability and Safe Usage – This bowl is made of 100% food grade PP material, it is FDA approved and BPA free which means high safety for your kids. The Gyro Bowl is durable and simply won’t break, crack, discolor, warp, melt or flake away. It also doesn’t change the nature of the food you put in there.

✔ Quick to Clean, Dishwasher Safe – With such creative design, it’s surprisingly easy to clean. Just wash it gently in warm water or put it in the dishwasher. Save trouble cleaning anytime, anywhere.

✔ Available In Three Colors – Pink, Green & Blue.


5 out of 5

4 reviews for Unspillable Baby Bowl

  1. Laurie C. Country flag

    My little one loves the freedom that this bowl gives them

  2. Lisa B. Country flag

    I got this because my Daughter LOVES to grab her bowls and dump them upside down. So I gave it to her and first thing she did was turn it upside down, shake it, and try to dump out the Cheerios inside.
    I laughed and said “You can’t dump it out Sweetie!”

  3. Carolyn E. Country flag

    This is the coolest little bowl! I absolutely love it for my 2 year old. Shes getting very independent and diesnt want to use the snack bowls you stick your hand in. She wants an open bowl so this works out great. It’s what she wants and no spills.

  4. Ronnie M. Country flag

    It’s perfect for toddlers wanting to walk around with their spectral treats in thus bowl…it does not spill. I bought this for my 3 year old grandson who just loved it …..

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